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My Little Girl: The Professional Kindergartner
October 9, 2009, 5:23 pm
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My creative, energetic, sometimes bossy in a loving way, four and a half year old began kindergarten this September.  As a mom of three with two babies at home I could not wait for her to begin.  She has so much energy throughout the day it has become difficult for me to keep up with her.  While some moms cry as they send their first-born off to school for a full day, I quietly rejoiced.

She was slightly nervous on the first day but gratefully no real tears were shed and since then she has become a truly professional kindergartner.  Not only does she enjoy going to school she dutifully does homework and then continues to “play school” through the evening until bedtime.  When her homework is complete, her imagination takes over and she magically becomes the teacher.  She talks quietly to her students, which are invisible, gives them assignments and lines them up.  She has even asked if they could eat dinner with us, which of course I permitted.  When my stepdaughter comes over or she has a playdate  her bossiness prevails and she tries to coerce them into playing school—she cannot understand why anyone would not enjoy this.

While I am overjoyed that My Little Girl has found an outlet for her overflowing energy I am trying not to count my blessings too soon.  My Little Girl has a tendency to indulge herself so completely and full-force into things that oftentimes a melt down occurs.  I am bracing myself and crossing my fingers that her intense enthusiasm for kindergarten does not suddenly crash.  I hope, that instead, it tapers off into a pure enjoyment and appreciation for school.