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Midnight Comfort
January 8, 2010, 6:42 pm
Filed under: Being a Mom

Every night my two and  a half year old climbs out of his bed, walks down the dimly lit hallway with his favorite blankie(he calls na-na) and caterpillar comforter in tow and finds his way into my bed.   He somehow manipulates his way down that hallway even when it is cluttered with the toys, boxes, laundry and other evidences of our everyday life.  In the dark!   Although I would very much like for this soft cuddly guy to someday spend the entire night in his own bed, I do not turn him away.  Instead I greet him with hugs and help him pull his toddler-self onto our grown-up bed: comforter, blankie and all. 

With a baby brother and a big sister the middle child’s days are often hectic and sometimes I feel that this middle of the night journey that he takes to me is his way of acquiring whatever attention he may fall short of during the day.  Maybe it makes better that moment when he’s asking me for something to eat and I make him wait so that I could nurse his screaming baby brother.  Or maybe it eases the  frustration he feels when I rush him away from his toys so we could hurry his big sister to school.  Whatever the reason may be I am happy to provide the extra comfort this little guy needs in the middle of the night.